Scratch and win cards provide an exciting and engaging experience for golf enthusiasts. Picture the anticipation building as players eagerly scratch off the surface, unveiling enticing prizes such as free rounds of golf, golf equipment upgrades, exclusive merchandise, or even the chance to meet and play with professional golfers. This element of surprise and instant gratification enhances the overall golfing experience, adding an extra layer of thrill and motivation to the game.

How to Distribute

  • In-person at company outings
  • In-person at fundraising events
  • In-person at point of sale

Prize Ideas

  • 2 professional lessons
  • $50.00 pro shop gift card
  • Buy 9 rounds, get 9 rounds free

More Prize Ideas

Business Benefits

  • Increase sales in-store or online
  • Create brand/company awareness
  • Create sales during off-peak times
  • Increase traffic and frequency
  • And many more