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Custom Scratch & Wins

The excitement associated with scratch off card promotions not only creates a lasting impression but also entices people to keep returning. Consider designing personalized, full-color scratch offs for various occasions such as fundraising events, promotional events, employee incentives, and more.

It’s important to consider your target audience, campaign objectives, and budget when deciding on the best promotional tool for your marketing strategy. Scratch-off cards can be a creative and effective option to engage customers, create excitement, and drive results.

Our all-new full color reveal leverages innovative scratch off technology and allows you to completely customize the size, shape, color and location of the scratch off to creatively blend it into your design.

Choose from 5 popular sizes or create your own custom size/shape. Design yourself or take advantage of our in-house graphic design team.


What makes Scratch Off Systems stand out

Interactive and engaging

We provide an interactive and engaging experience for customers. The act of scratching off the surface to reveal a hidden message, discount, or prize creates a sense of anticipation and excitement, which can enhance customer experience.

Novelty and exclusivity

Scratch-off promotions have a novelty factor that can capture people's attention. The element of surprise and the potential for winning something adds an element of exclusivity, making customers feel special and valued.

Customization and personalization

We can customize your cards to align with your brand image and promotional objectives. You can design them with your logo, brand colors, and specific messages tailored to your target audience.

Incentivize immediate action

Scratch-off promotions often include time-limited offers or discounts, which can create a sense of urgency for customers to take immediate action. By incentivizing immediate responses, scratch-off cards can help drive sales or generate leads within a specific timeframe.

Data collection and lead generation

Your cards can be used to collect customer data, such as email addresses or phone numbers, in exchange for participation. This data can then be used for future marketing efforts, such as email marketing campaigns or retargeting ads.


Scratch-off cards can be used in various marketing channels, including direct mail, in-store promotions, trade shows, or as part of online campaigns. Their versatility allows you to reach a wide range of customers through different touchpoints, increasing the visibility of your promotion.

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Online Sweepstakes with scratch off cards

Through our exclusive online sweepstake program, each of your scratch-off cards will unveil a distinctive code that requires online entry to unveil and claim the prize. Collect customer data and increase your ROI every time! The possibilities are endless.