Artwork Specifications

Our preferred format is an Adobe Illustrator file. Before sending these files, please review the following requirements:

  • Make sure artwork is in CMYK mode at 300dpi (and all images & logos included are placed at 300dpi)
  • Set a 0.125” document bleed and extend all artwork to that line
  • Size artboard to exact size of card
  • Embed all images
  • Outline all type
  • Keep all important text and images .25” away from the edge of the card (cut line)

We also accept Hi-Res PDFS, Adobe PSD files, InDesign, and EPS files with the above requirements.
Most scratch off cards we print have a 1” circle or square scratch area. Please leave a .75” white circle or square where the scratch area will go, and keep any important text or images .5” away from the edge of that shape.
You don’t have to include your prizes in the artwork unless you have upgraded with your sales rep to black images or colored images. In that case, please provide the images.
Text under the scratch area is printed separately from the artwork and will not be on your artwork proof (unless they are upgraded to images). It will print how it is entered on the prize breakdown link.

Design Templates

Description Dimensions
business card size 2.0″ x 3.5″
credit card size 2.125″ x 3.375″
index card size 3″ x 5″
post card size 4″ x 6″
short hanging style size 3.375″ x 4.875″
long hanging style size 3.375″ x 7.25″