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Custom Scratch & Win Direct Mailers

Discover the allure of scratch off postcards – the creative mailer solution you’ve been seeking! Captivating everyone’s desire to win, it comes as no astonishment that scratch-and-win promotions present unparalleled levels of engagement and response rates.

More than half of the recipients eagerly read these postcards, and an impressive 5% to 10% promptly respond, making it an incredibly effective marketing strategy to consider for your business.

Design & Printing

We offer free graphic design and six popular scratch off postcard sizes:

Prizes & Gameplay

To maximize recipient engagement, we recommend an every-card-is-a-winner with a grand prize approach. Prizes like discounts and free products/services will generate direct responses and a grand prize will ensure that the majority of recipients scratch off to see what they’ve won.

List Sourcing & Mailing

We’re a one-stop-shop, so we can assist with list sourcing and mailing. Our most popular programs are EDDM and mailing to customers’ in-house list of prospects and customers.

Get a Quote

Submit the form to get a quote for all of our popular scratch off postcard sizes. If you have a question or are looking for something a little more custom, please call 216-649-7800 or submit our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist!


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