Distribution Methods

Scratch and Match: Customers have to match 2 scratch and win pieces to get a prize. This makes them come back to get another piece. It has been a great game for repeat business!

Prize Ideas

  • 100 bonus reward points
  • $50 gift card
  • Free dinner at on-site restaurant
  • Free drink
  • Free entry to poker tournament
  • Double players card points for the night
  • Free 1 day stay at hotel
  • VIP access to bar/club
  • Free tickets to show or concert
  • Player’s club access
  • And more.

More Prize Ideas

Business Benefits

  • Draw customers to on-site restaurant
  • Increase merch sales
  • Players club enrollment
  • Incentives for table games
  • Incentives for slots
  • Employee incentives
  • And many more