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Custom Scratch & Wins for the cannabis industry


Scratch and win cards provide a captivating and engaging experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Picture the anticipation building as customers eagerly scratch off the surface, revealing enticing prizes such as exclusive discounts, free samples, limited-edition products, or even VIP experiences. 

This element of surprise and instant gratification enhances the overall purchasing experience, creating a sense of excitement and loyalty among your valued customers.

How to Distribute

As customers make their purchases, they receive a pull tab along with their cannabis products. The excitement begins as they tear open the tab, revealing instant discounts, surprise promotions, or the opportunity to win complimentary cannabis goods. This hands-on and interactive approach not only adds an element of excitement to their visit but also creates a sense of loyalty. Whether handed out with purchases at the checkout counter or incorporated into promotional events, the pull tab promotion turns each transaction into a memorable and engaging moment. Elevate your dispensary's marketing strategy, creating a unique and interactive atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more.

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Custom pull tab card & ticket printing

Introducing Pull Tabs—an innovative marketing tool for the cannabis industry! Customers can tear open tabs to reveal exclusive discounts, surprise promotions, or the chance to win free cannabis products. This interactive strategy adds suspense and a hands-on experience, setting your brand apart and driving customer loyalty. Elevate your customer experience, making every purchase a thrilling and memorable event.

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Online Sweepstakes for the cannabis industry

With our online sweepstakes program tailored for dispensaries, your scratch-off cards will unveil exclusive codes, each holding the key to unlocking exciting prizes. Participants will  enter these codes online, as they redeem their rewards. This approach creates an interactive and thrilling experience for customers. By seamlessly integrating the digital realm with the charm of traditional scratch-off cards, dispensaries can engage their audience while promoting their products and services.