Scratch Off Systems

Artwork Approval Terms & Conditions

I have reviewed and approved the design for my cards. I acknowledge that no refund will be given after the design has been approved. Any changes made after approval to print will incur an additional cost. Scratch Off Systems will in no way be held liable for the use and printing of the images that I have provided as I have authorization to reprint the images in accordance with copyright laws. I acknowledge that if Scratch Off Systems is designing artwork, this includes 3 minor revisions. Any revisions past #3 will be billed at $75 for another set of 3 revisions. Major revisions will be at the discretion of Scratch Off Systems to determine design fees on a case-by-case basis. I acknowledge Scratch Off Systems has permission to use this artwork for marketing material. Artwork designed by Scratch Off Systems belongs to Scratch Off Systems for use and printing at Scratch Off Systems only. You can purchase any artwork designed or modified at Scratch Off Systems for $500 for commercial use outside of Scratch Off Systems. You validate your acceptance of final artwork and acknowledge all comments and terms and conditions, by approving the digital artwork proof.