Scratch-to-Win Raffle Tickets

Differentiate your next raffle by adding another way to win … an instant-gratification scratch & win. These custom raffle tickets are unique because they allow participants to instantly win smaller prizes and yet still enter the raffle to win the grand prize. This increases overall participant excitement and engagement, resulting in the sale of more raffle tickets. Businesses are noticing the impact – customers are reporting a 20% ROI (return-on-investment) from this promotion alone.

The Raffle Ticket Goes Digital

Raffle tickets can now be used to generate online traffic and conversions! Our Offline-to-Online Program maximizes your ROI by collecting contact information online and redirecting to your website to immediately boost sales, leads, etc.

How the Offline-to-Online Program Works:

  • We create a custom raffle ticket and landing page for your promotion.
  • You distribute the raffle tickets amongst your prospective customers.
  • Prospective customers scratch to reveal a website URL and a code that must be entered online with additional information to reveal the prize.
  • You receive the data collected in real-time via a private login.