Grow your business with a scratch & win promotion

Scratch and wins are an absolute must for dispensaries – or anyone in the cannabis industry. They are interactive and exciting. They offer a chance for increasing your customer database and creating a winning experience for your customers.

Distribution Methods

Perfect for handing out when someone comes into the store or makes a purchase. Improve customer loyalty and increase returning customers by having them redeem on their next visit. This drives your customers back to your dispensary or shop!

Prize Ideas

  • Free Pre-Roll
  • Pre-Roll For a Penny
  • Free Pipe
  • $10 Off
  • 25% Off One Item
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Free Rolling Tray
  • Free Lighter
  • Free Pipe Cleaner
  • Free Sample

Business Benefits

  • Customer appreciation
  • Returning customers (redeem on next visit)
  • Advertise the promotion to encourage new customers
  • Create company awareness
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Employee incentives
  • And much more

Expand your database and increase sales by taking your promotion online

Gain valuable consumer data by doing an offline to online promotion.

With offline to online, the opportunities are truly endless. Whether you’re handing these out at a trade show to share your products or a dispensary giving these to your customers, this can be a valuable tool!

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Transform your scratch area
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