Scratch Off Systems


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about our online sweepstakes with scratch off cards? We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your promotion at any time.

Yes! We double-check and cross-check our database upon generation to ensure that there are ZERO duplicates.


We also do other stuff like: make sure there are no offensive or derogatory words in a code. We don’t want you (or us) looking bad, so we take care of that too.

And in case you add codes after a campaign has already started, we still do the same checks to ensure that the codes are all 100% unique.

Simply put: No.


We have checks in place upon submission to ensure that a code can only be claimed within the bounds of the campaign range.


This is good for you, because that way YOUR risk as a manager is limited. That way you know once the promotion date has ended (eg: the coupon “has expired”), there is no possible way for a new customer to come along and try to claim and unclaimed prize.


The customer will simply get a brief message letting them know that the promotion is not currently running, and your contact information will be presented to them so they can contact you directly for more questions.

Simply put: No.


We have checks in place upon submission to ensure that once a code has been claimed, it is immediately marked as claimed in our database. So even if a customer tried to claim the same code immediately after, it would send back an error message to the customer letting them know it has already been claimed.


This error message can also be customized in case of customer inconvenience, and you can list your contact information there if you would like.

Yes! It does.


Our Offline to Online program was created with a mobile-first design, which means it was created with the intent of being used on mobile by the majority of the end users.


It also scales beautifully onto Tablets, as well as Desktop. So no matter where your customers are coming from, they’re going to have an optimized experience.

Our program can handle many fields, however our Base Package only includes up to 5 fields.


If you would like more than 5 fields, you may discuss that with our team member upon setup.

The web page will never expire and will always be up.


The CAMPAIGN dates however, is what determines whether or not a customer can claim a code.


The Start Date and End Date on a campaign are determined by you, and is the only time a customer can claim a code.


If a customer attempted to claim a code outside the campaign range, they will receive a message indicating it is not currently running.


We leave the website up forever in case you ever wanted to restart the program after some time, that way your URL remains the same.

Either or, it’s up to you.


We have a graphics team on staff ready to work with your brand and design.


We also allow artwork to be submitted by you and your team, if you’d prefer that.

There is no extra charge for having it done with us.

Yes! You can.


The Thank You page allows for a Call-to-Action (CTA, or sometimes called Hotspot or Hyperlink).


This can link to anywhere, including you own webpage.

Yes! You can.


You can add as many codes as you want after the initial generation.


It’s a charge of $75 per 10,000 codes added.

But you CANNOT add more prizes after the codes have gone out. You can only add more codes to the prizes that already exist.

Nope. You can purchase this program by itself.


However, instead of getting a batch of physical cards with the codes printed on them, you will just receive them as a separate file.


It would be up to you on how you disperse the codes to your customer.


Some examples you might utilize this method may include: Online giveaway, customer loyalty reward, new customer signup bonus, Facebook or Twitter campaign, etc.

Until 30 days AFTER the campaign end date.


For example, if you create the campaign in mid December, with a Start Date of January 1st, and an End Date of February 28th, you will have reporting access from mid December, all the way through March 30th.


Don’t worry though! If you don’t get all the customer data, we keep everything securely on our cloud server. Which means if a significant period of time has passed, we can still get your customer data and send it to you.

No one will be able to see your customers’ information besides you (and anyone you authorize to view it).


You CAN have multiple users with reporting access, but the entirety of our data is securely stored on a server that is locked away and encrypted.


It can be accessed by you, and only you. Which means you don’t have to worry about a data breach, hack, or leak and having thousands (or more) of your customers’ personal information being exposed.