Scratch Off Systems


What goes under the scratch?

Submit your prizes with our easy-to-use prize creator

Our online prize creator streamlines the process of submitting your prizes, making it simpler than ever. Within a matter of minutes, you can effortlessly input every prize variation and its corresponding quantity.

How many prize variations can we have?

Your project includes up to 10 different prize variations, but for a nominal fee you can add as many prize variations as you would like.

Do I need special artwork for each prize variation?

No, you do not.  It doesn’t matter how many prizes you have, only one artwork version is required, even for cards with multiple scratch areas.

Can you help us to source custom branded prizes?

Yes, we have wholesale rates on thousands of promotional products. We even offer discounted printing rates when we are sourcing the prizes for you.
Yes, for a small fee we can print full color images under the scratch off area for you.
We’ve made submitting prizes easier than ever before by offering an online prize list creator.
By using our innovative prize list creator, you can see how the text will look under the scratch and if it will fit under your selected scratch off size.
Yes, we can separate the cards by prize variation for a small fee.
Yes, our proprietary software allows us to package custom breakdowns of prizes per location or per package.
No, you can include “Sorry Try Again” cards, however we recommend providing small percentage off prizes or inexpensive company swag in place of losing cards.
Yes, we have climate-controlled warehousing and extensive experience in the distribution of prizes.