Scratch Off Systems


Custom Scratch & Wins for real estate

Integrating scratch off cards into the world of real estate can prove to be a game-changing marketing strategy. These innovative cards add a layer of excitement and intrigue to the process of property acquisition, captivating potential buyers and sellers alike.

Real estate agents can utilize scratch-off cards to offer exclusive incentives, such as discounted commission rates, free home staging services, or gift cards for home improvement stores, as a way to entice clients and stand out in a competitive market.

For prospective buyers, scratch-off cards can reveal enticing offers, such as reduced closing costs or home warranty plans, adding an element of surprise that leaves a lasting impression.


Prize ideas for your real estate promotions

Scratch off Systems offers you the flexibility to select from a wide array of prizes tailored to your promotion’s needs. Reach out to us today to embark on this exciting journey. With our vast selection of prizes, the opportunities for your promotion are boundless and limited only by your imagination. Let’s explore the endless possibilities together.


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Please request a quote for quantities over 50,000 or for custom shapes/sizes