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Custom scratch off cards for craft beer & micro breweries

Craft beer bars and microbreweries can greatly benefit from utilizing scratch-off cards as a versatile promotional tool. These cards ignite excitement and anticipation among patrons, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience. They serve as a powerful magnet for drawing in new customers to the establishment. The prospect of winning enticing prizes or unlocking special discounts entices individuals to explore the offerings and ambiance of the brewery.

Moreover, scratch-off cards function as tangible and interactive marketing assets, imprinting a memorable impression on visitors and fostering strong brand affinity. Such promotions often trigger word-of-mouth advertising, as winners enthusiastically share their experiences with friends and social circles, amplifying the brewery’s reach and attracting fresh faces.

Through the redemption process, breweries can also gather valuable customer data, facilitating targeted marketing endeavors and ensuring sustained engagement with their audience. In essence, scratch-off cards present a dynamic and effective promotional strategy for craft beer bars and microbreweries, elevating the overall customer experience and propelling business growth.


Prize ideas for your craft & microbrewery promotions

Scratch off Systems offers you the flexibility to select from a wide array of prizes tailored to your promotion’s needs. Reach out to us today to embark on this exciting journey. With our vast selection of prizes, the opportunities for your promotion are boundless and limited only by your imagination. Let’s explore the endless possibilities together.


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