Scratch Off Systems

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Custom Scratch & Wins for the automotive industry

eMarketer has reported that automotive digital ad spend will reach an astonishing $18.15 billion in 2020, resulting in online fatigue for consumers and lower returns for automotive advertisers. Scratch & Win promotions are a great alternative to online advertising and are proven to boost sales and increase customer loyalty!

How to Distribute

We generally recommend two different distribution methods:

1. Your sales associates can hand out scratch off cards to customers as they walk in the store. They’ll scratch immediately and win a discount of your choosing, which will increase average order values and encourage impulse shopping.

2. We can send a scratch off postcard to your customer base or everyone in your area. They’ll scratch at home and win a discount and/or free service of your choosing, which will increase foot traffic and encourage folks to go to you instead of a competitor.

Prize Ideas

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