Reward Employee Health & Safety with Custom Scratch Off Cards

OSHA researchers found that companies who establish employee safety programs are able to cut costs related to poor workplace health and safety by 20 to 40 percent. These reductions provide an immediate ROI by reducing the bottom line and increasing overall profitability.

How to Distribute

Your management team can hand out scratch off cards to employees who have successfully followed safety guidelines and regulations, or who have passed relevant safety tests or certifications.

Prize Ideas

  • Extra PTO
  • Premier Parking Spot
  • Catered Lunch
  • Company Swag (we can help provide this)

Gameplay Options

  • Single scratch off area with instant win
  • Single scratch off area with instant win and perforated grand prize raffle ticket
  • Multiple scratch off areas with instant win, must match 3 to win
  • Multiple scratch off areas with trivia questions, must answer trivia correctly to win the prize or enter a drawing

See What Other Companies Have Done

Scratch Off Systems is the leading printer of custom scratch off cards for employee health and safety programs. Companies just like yours have found Scratch & Wins to be an extremely effective incentive – after all, everyone likes to win!

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