Distribution Methods

To engage the customers and have them come in to watch the games give each customer a team fantasy football card. They scratch off 3 footballs that reveal a number. The number relates to a team on the right. Write down the final score to each game below on the white squares. Add up all the scores and whoever has the highest score wins a prize! Prizes could be anything from free dinner to merchandise. It’s a favorite and enjoyable scratch off for the sports fan!

Prize Ideas

  • Complimentary 1 bottle of HEINEKEN
  • $5 OFF a case of Coors Light
  • Free Bar t-Shirt
  • Buy one appetizer get one free
  • Free bottle of Wine
  • 10% off of your food bill
  • Free drinks for the whole table
  • You get half off today
  • And more.

More Prize Ideas

Business Benefits

  • Promote special events
  • Create company awareness
  • Increase merchandise sales
  • Increase customer database
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Employee incentives
  • And many more