Online Scratch & Win Promotions

Take the stress out of finding new business and let it find you with our Online Scratch & Win Promotions, a true marketing advantage. Scratch to Win cards and Peel to Win cards can now be used to direct new potential customers to your website. Taking your scratch & win promotion online maximizes your ROI by collecting valuable contact information online and then redirecting to your web page to immediately boost website traffic, ultimately guiding new business right into your hands with ease.

How It Works

  1. We create a custom scratch or peel to win card and landing page based off your website and brand colors.
  2. You distribute the cards amongst your prospective customers (or even current customers if you’re looking to obtain more of their information).
  3. They scratch or peel to reveal a website URL and a unique code that must be entered online with additional information.
  4. Once submitted, the prize is revealed to your customer (one of the prizes could also be Please Try Again), and your customer’s information is securely stored on our cloud server so you never have to worry about a data breach, leak, or hack.
  5. You can then download all of the submitted customer data as a CSV via a Reporting tool at your leisure, OR have reports sent to you weekly.

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Our engineers have put together a tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently download all of your customers’ submissions. With the click of a button you’ll get instant access to all of the information your customers have entered.

Our reporting tool is locked securely behind a login wall to ensure that you and only you get access to your customers’ information.


  1. Choose a date range
  2. Run the report
  3. Download as CSV

Frequently Asked Questions

Offline to Online Program

So what are you waiting for? Enter your information below to start building your campaign today. You will receive a fast response from one of our in-house experts to help create your next Offline to Online marketing campaign.
  • Price: $495.00

  • The Base Package includes...
    - A Landing Page matching your brand / design
    - Up to 5 customer data fields (Name, email, phone, zip code etc..)
    - Up to 10 prizes & respective winner pages
    - "Thank you for playing" page
    - 10,000 unique codes that can only be claimed once
    - The ability to add more codes during a campaign
    - Test codes for each prize, so you can make sure everything looks good before (or during) the campaign
    - Hotspot link on the thank you page (to redirect customers back to your website)
    - Reporting access to submitted customer data (downloads as CSV for easy importing)
    - Automatic campaign Start / End dates
    - Guaranteed unique codes that can only be claimed once, no matter how many codes are created
    - Always-online website that allows your customers to enter data 24/7
    - Custom error messaging to direct your customers to your phone # or website
    - Web admin support to guarantee uptime and reliability
    - And much more...!

  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10000000.
    Approximately how many codes (or cards) do you want to hand out?
  • Price: $0.00
    The first 10,000 codes are included with the base package. An additional +$75 will be charged per 10,000 codes after that.
    Do you want to send your customers to a custom or vanity URL? (eg: instead of
  • $0.00
    NOTE: The price listed here is ONLY for the Offline to Online Data Mining program. It does NOT include the price to print and ship physical cards.