Offline to Online Program

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  • The Base Package includes...
    - A Landing Page matching your brand / design
    - Up to 5 customer data fields (Name, email, phone, zip code etc..)
    - Up to 10 prizes & respective winner pages
    - "Thank you for playing" page
    - 10,000 unique codes that can only be claimed once
    - The ability to add more codes during a campaign
    - Test codes for each prize, so you can make sure everything looks good before (or during) the campaign
    - Hotspot link on the thank you page (to redirect customers back to your website)
    - Reporting access to submitted customer data (downloads as CSV for easy importing)
    - Automatic campaign Start / End dates
    - Guaranteed unique codes that can only be claimed once, no matter how many codes are created
    - Always-online website that allows your customers to enter data 24/7
    - Custom error messaging to direct your customers to your phone # or website
    - Web admin support to guarantee uptime and reliability
    - And much more...!

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 10000000.
    Approximately how many codes (or cards) do you want to hand out?
  • Price: $0.00
    The first 10,000 codes are included with the base package. An additional +$75 will be charged per 10,000 codes after that.
    Do you want to send your customers to a custom or vanity URL? (eg: instead of
  • $0.00
    NOTE: The price listed here is ONLY for the Offline to Online Data Mining program. It does NOT include the price to print and ship physical cards.