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Artwork Specifications

General Artwork Specifications

To make sure your job is proofed and produced quickly and seamlessly, we ask that you please send it back in the file you created it in (Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file).

Everything is set up for you, all we ask you to do is the following:

1.  Follow directions in the template

  • Bleed
  • Safe Area
  • Embed  all images and assets
  • Provide all typefaces  and fonts 

2.  Please leave enough space for the security control number 

3.  Save your file in its layered  native format  (.AI or .PSD) and send to

Using Canva?

Easy! Just follow the artwork specs listed above and share/download your artwork as PDF – Standard.

Under the Scratch

Prizes are typically entered through our secure prize creator site for the integrity of your prizes. By entering your prizes through this link, it reassures you that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct, quantities are correct and most importantly, it will show you exactly how the prize will print under the scratch area. This will also create a spreadsheet for us. This way we will have the correct information entered by you and/or your team. This is the safest way of providing us with your prize breakdown.

Please note: If you are providing prizes in any of the following below, those cannot be uploaded to our prize creator site. In this case, please note this to our project coordinator, Lerissa (

  • Custom Fonts
  • Colors (Other Than Black)
  • Vector Icons or Images
  • Multiple Prize Areas
  • Static Prize (Same prize on every scratch card).
  • Codes (Alpha and/or Numeric)

Standard text prizes are printed black in Calibri – Regular font. Please submit all standard text prizes through the prize creator. It will show you exactly how it will print underneath the scratch area.

Non-standard text, varying sizes/weights, color text, icons and prize images can be submitted with the artwork for your card design.

*Additional cost may apply for more than 10 prizes.

Example Images

It’s important to keep important information and design elements away from the scratch off safe zone as slight shifts can occur during the application process. For best results, we advise our customers to not design directly around the scratch material.

It’s important to keep important information and design elements within the card safe zone as there can be slight shifts during the cutting process. For best results, we advise our customers to avoid designing outside of the card safe zone.

Downloadable Templates

All templates will have 1″ circle and 1″x1″ square options in silver and gold colors. If you do not see the size you need or require a specialty scratch area, please request a custom template below.

Artwork Template Request

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