Custom Scratch Card Printing

Everyone wants to be a winner, so it’s no surprise that custom scratch off cards and tickets are still one of the most effective promotions for your business. If you’re looking to generate more sales and revenue from the advertising campaigns you already run (direct mail, events, customer loyalty programs, in-store promotions, to name a few) consider a Scratch-to-Win!

Why Choose Scratch Off Systems?

  • Most-Experienced Scratch Card Printer
    • 29,000+ Projects
    • 10,000+ Customers
  • Customizable Sizes, Shapes & Colors
  • Free Graphic Design for Orders of 5000+
  • $75.00 Discount for Orders of 5000+
  • Competitive Volume-Based Pricing
  • Turnaround Time of 2 Weeks or Less

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are several questions you must answer before ordering scratch off cards: What prizes and other incentives am I offering? How many scratch off cards do I need? How will I distribute the scratch off cards? How will customers redeem the prizes?
Pricing depends on the size, shape, color and quantity of scratch cards. To see exact pricing for your promotion, please click the “View Pricing” button.
Redemption rates vary but typically range from 10% to 30%. That said, you can increase your redemption rates by offering more prizes and better incentives.

The Scratch-to-Win Goes Digital

Scratch cards can now be used to generate online traffic and conversions! Our Offline-to-Online Program maximizes your ROI by collecting contact information online and redirecting to your website to immediately boost sales, leads, etc.

How the Offline-to-Online Program Works:

  • We create a custom scratch card and landing page for your promotion.
  • You distribute the scratch cards amongst your prospective customers.
  • Prospective customers scratch to reveal a website URL and a code that must be entered online with additional information to reveal the prize.
  • You receive the data collected in real-time via a private login.