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Custom Scratch Off Card Printing

Scratch Cards are one of the most effective promotions available and are a great way to grow your business. Why? Because everyone likes winning! It doesn’t matter if you want to attract new customers or retain your existing customer base – custom scratch off cards will help you do both simultaneously.

Why Choose Scratch Off Systems?

  • Veteran Design & Production Team
  • $75.00 Discount for New Customers (5000 Card Minimum)
  • Competitive Volume-Based Pricing
  • Fast Turnaround (Less than 2 Weeks!)
  • 100% Customizable Sizes, Shapes, & Colors
  • Durable Soft or Hard Scratch Finish
  • Strict Quality Control for all Orders
  • Free Graphic Design for Bulk Orders (5000+)

Frequently Asked Questions:

If this is your first time running a scratch off promotion ...

There are several questions you must answer before ordering scratch off cards:

  • What prizes and other incentives am I offering?
  • How many scratch off cards do I need?
  • How will I distribute the scratch off cards?
  • How will customers redeem the prizes and incentives?

How much does it cost?

Prices vary widely based on size and quantity, but it might be more affordable that you think! To see how it would cost for your project, click here to see custom pricing.

What’s the Average ROI?

Redemption rates vary but typically range from 10% to 30%. Pro Tip … you can increase your redemption rates by offering more prizes and better incentives.

Can I Generate Online Leads/Sales with a Scratch Off?

Yes! Scratch Off Systems is the only scratch off printer to offer a robust offline-to-online program that allows business to drive online traffic/leads/sales via custom-printed scratch cards. Click Here to learn more about the program.

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