Health & Fitness - Scratch Off Systems


Health & Fitness Centers can use scratch and wins to:

  • Drive customers to gym or health center
  • Create sales during off peak times
  • Create company awareness
  • Increase customer database
  • Increase customer interaction
  • Employee incentives
  • And much more

If you want more information on how you can use one of the hottest promotions available today contact us at 216-649-7800 or get your scratch and win project ideas started now.

Scratch and wins are an absolute must for health & fitness centers. They are interactive and exciting. They offer a chance for increasing your customer database and creating a winning experience for your customers.

Sample Distribution Method

Check out a proven sample distribution method that works:
To increase membership to health center mail out a direct mail piece to your customers offering an incentive to sign up for or renew a membership. The prizes could be $25 off a yearly membership or 10% off a health purchase. This drives your customers back to your health and fitness centers!

Prize Ideas

  • Free month of membership with a yearly membership purchase
  • $25 off year membership
  • $10 off health purchase
  • $10 off any purchase of $75
  • $25 off any purchase of $150