Casinos - Scratch Off Systems

Casinos can use scratch and wins to:

  • Draw customers to on-site restaurant
  • Increase merch sales
  • Players club enrollment
  • Incentives for table games
  • Incentives for slots
  • Employee incentives
  • And many more

Sample Distribution Method

Scratch and Match: Customers have to match 2 scratch and win pieces to get a prize. This makes them come back to get another piece. It has been a great game for repeat business!

Scratch & Win Casino Testimonial

We actually had an amazing day that day. Huge crowds and lines all the way from the Player’s Club to the front door of people waiting to get and redeem their scratchers. To give you an idea of scale – the distance from the door the Club is about 250 or 300 feet. The printing looked awesome as well. Had tons of people saying they loved them and that it was an awesome promotion.
Fort Sill Apache Casino

Prize Ideas

  • 100 bonus reward points
  • $50 gift card
  • Free dinner at on-site restaurant
  • Free drink
  • Free entry to poker tournament
  • Double players card points for the night
  • Free 1 day stay at hotel
  • VIP access to bar/club
  • Free tickets to show or concert
  • Player’s club access
  • And more.


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