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Scratch Off Cards & Tickets

Everyone likes to win, so it’s no surprise that Scratch & Win Promotions are still one of the most effective promotions available despite living in the “Digital Age”. We offer a variety of gameplay options like scratch-to-win, peel-to-win and pull-to-win and are the only printer to offer an Offline-to-Online Program to help capture customer contact information.

Why Choose Scratch Off Systems?

  • Printed over 29,000 scratch off promotions for 10,000+ companies
  • 100% customizable sizes, shapes, & colors
  • Free graphic design (5000 minimum order quantity)
  • $75.00 discount for new customers (5000 minimum order quantity)

Scratch Off Labels & Stickers

Scratch off labels and stickers are most commonly used for scratch and win promotions but are also used for a variety of security applications. We manufacture several different types of labels and stickers, including but not limited to scratch off labels, peel off labels, activation labels and signature panels.

Why Choose Scratch Off Systems?

  • We manufacture our own scratch off material in-house
  • Customizable sizes, shapes and colors are available
  • Tested for liner strength, scuff resistance and removability
  • 3″ roll core is compatible with most labeling equipment

Prepaid & Reloadable Card Printing

We also specialize in custom paper and plastic card printing, especially for prepaid or reloadable cards like gift cards, phone cards, rewards cards and membership cards. We can also apply activation labels, signature panels, or another type of label or sticker as required by your application.

Why Choose Scratch Off Systems?

  • Works with most POS equipment
  • Free graphic design for bulk orders of 5,000+
  • Custom sizes, shapes, and colors available upon request
  • Custom packaging and shrink wrapping available upon request